Catholic Kaleidoscope with Alyssa Bormes

Alyssa BormesCatholic Kaleidoscope is a program dedicated to the wonder of the Catholic Church. We will have some conversations about the Faith that are full of ritual and formality, and others that encompass beauty in the everyday ordinary. The hour will be full of depth, frivolity, woundedness, and, of course, wonder.

August 28 2016 – Matthew Archbold

Today journalist and author Matthew Archbold joins us. He writes for Catholic Digest and National Catholic Register, and is the author of the new book Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage. In his book, Matthew writes, “Storytelling is at the heart of Christianity.” This book is a collection of stories of heroic virtue; the lives of just everyday people became marvelous examples of strength with their “yes” to the will of God. After listening to the show – you will want to be sure to get the book!

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August 21 2016 – Jeff Reither

Jeff Reither is a husband, father, missionary, and evangelist. He returns to the show today after his mission trip to Uganda. Jeff has been going to Uganda for some years, and this year included the completion of a few projects, both a playground and a soccer field. The great thing is to look at how both of these grew out of tragedies, but now will be a joy to children who would normally not have these things. In addition to his mission trip, Jeff tells us about his upcoming pilgrimage to Rome and being able to sing at the closing Mass for the Year of Mercy! Jeff is an inspiration, and we will be sure to have Jeff on again after her returns.

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