Deo Gratias!

fhare on November 28, 2013
Fr. Robert YoungDear Family of Radio Maria, As we celebrate Thanksgiving these days, please join us in giving thanks to God for the gift of our Catholic Faith and for Mother Mary– “Star of the New Evangelization.” She has entrusted her Mission to us, as unworthy as we are. And as part of the World Family of Radio Maria, we give thanks for YOU! Without you, our listeners, volunteers, and benefactors this mission would not exist. We count on you as surely as you are counting on us. Let us pray with Pope Francis for all who follow Her Son: “Star of the New Evangelization, help us to bear radiant witness to communion, service, ardent and generous faith, justice and love of the poor, that the joy of the gospel may reach to the ends of the earth, illuminating even the fringes of the world.” Mother of the Living Gospel,wellspring of happiness for God’s little ones, pray for us. Amen. Alleluia! (Concluding prayer to his Apostolic Exhortation: Evangelii Gaudium)