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How love through suffering can bring us to victory

Dear Radio Maria Family, As we enter into Holy Week, the Passion, death, and Resurrection of Our Lord at Easter, I would like to reflect back a moment to the very first miracle Jesus performed in public ministry, the wedding at Cana. We see an interaction happening here between Jesus and his Mother. Mary comes to Jesus stating they have no wine, and Jesus gives a strange response. He says, “O woman, what have you to do with me? My hour has not yet come.” At first glance it may seem as though Jesus is saying no to her, or even rebuking her, but knowing what we know about Our Savior, Jesus is always wanting to draw out the best in us, including His Mother, who He truly wants to glorify. He is perhaps asking of her with his response, “are you ready for what is to come?” And her response, like her original fiat to the angel, is much like his own in the garden of Gethsemane. She says, “do whatever He tells you.”She has not waivered, in all these years, in doing the will of the Father. If only we could be so steadfast. She mirrors Jesus’ response of, “not my will but yours, be done.” She is obedient. Jesus knows she is ready to walk the path He will walk because of her response to His question. Mary is aware of who Jesus is, which makes her to know exactly who she is. She knows she is loved by God and that anything that comes her way is for her good and the good of mankind. She knows that when He goes public things will changeand that provocation will be caused by Him. Mary trusts totally and knowingly enters this life with Jesus. She may not have known exactly everything that was to come, but she would have known it entailed suffering. Mary did not fear suffering. And so, we enter Holy Week from the perspective of Our Lady of Sorrows, knowing that His crucifixion must come. Servant of God, Louisa Piccarreta, in her writing, The Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, wrote that at the cross Mary was pierced and desolate but that she echoed the beloved Father: “Son, I want youdead” (17th hour page 82). Both heaven and hell wanted Him dead but for very different reasons. Mary, who had died to her own will to say yes to the Father, knew that the Son’s dying to the human will on the Cross, would enable us to be filled with the Divine Will. Where hell thought it meant the defeat of God, Mary and all of heaven knew it meant the victory of God. If we can love through suffering, the way that Jesus and Mary did, we can know the hope of the Resurrection to be true for all of us who long for heaven. We can move from sorrow to joy and proclaim victory. Our Lady of Victory, pray for us. May all your sorrows be turned to joy in the knowledge of God’s immense love for you. Wishing you everygrace and blessing this Easter season! — Fr. Dan

Fr. Dan Reehil


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