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Radio Maria is unique in more ways than one. Unlike other Catholic radio stations which receive financial assistance from ecclesiastic institutions and advertising revenue, Radio Maria ensures its survival by relying on Divine Providence and the generosity of its faithful listeners. Radio Maria also benefits from its many volunteers, people who feel called to serve and respond to Mother Mary’s message. This applies not only to the part-time volunteers but also to those who choose to give a total commitment but need a salary to live. Everyone gives to the Blessed Mother so that She can bring the Word—Her Son—to many people in the world who are in need of hope and healing.

How can I help?

There many ways in which you can help Radio Maria. Let us know how you’d like to get involved and send in your information.

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SIGN ME UP: put me on the Radio Maria mailing list to get updated news.I HAVE A STORY I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE (e.g., about how Radio Maria has touched my life)I HAVE A COMMENT OR SUGGESTION about programming I would like to share.

Volunteer your time:
In the Office (assist with the office work of Radio Maria)In the Studio (help out with broadcasts from the studio)In the Mobile Studios (help out with Mass broadcasts)On the Fund-raising teamWith Prayer and Eucharistic AdorationOn the Promotion-Development team (helping Radio Maria to grow)As a Presenter or Prayer Leader on the air

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