Heart Warming 2017

Renzo Mzzotti on February 6, 2017
I am writing from Alexandria, where Radio Maria has its office, a warm chapel, a friendly group of volunteers and all together are living as a family of Radio Maria.

Many of these people have shared with me their very heartwarming life stories and they are so happy to have reached peace and joy through Radio Maria.

Unfortunately, there are still people with a “Cold” soul and heart and I am trying to get them every day through Radio Maria. They need Our Lady’s message of hope, healing and peace to warm up their hearts.

Radio Maria today is launching a Heartwarming Campaign to share stories of people that put their hearts in the warm hands of God and our Blessed Mary.

We are going to share their voices and stories in a few videos on our website www.radiomaria.us and Facebook account.

During the Heartwarming Campaign, your “warm” donations to Radio Maria will give extra warmth!

Thank you in advance for helping Our Lady to help us!

Padre Emilio

Please call us now with your donation at 1-888-408-0201 or visit our website at radiomaria.us/donate