Heresies Throughout the Ages: A Catholic Response with Mark Moran

Mark Moran, MA introduces the Catholic faithful to the history and stories behind the great heresies that have assaulted Holy Mother Church. From the earliest heresies to the most recent, Mr. Moran will delve into the villains, heroes, teachings, councils and historical ramifications of each heresy or individual teaching.

Mr. Moran holds an MA from John Carroll University in Religious Studies and Theology, with an undergraduate in History from Youngstown State University.

June 05 2017

This episode looks at the various Marian heresies that have existed since the beginning of the Church.  Special emphasis is given to Mary’s various titles and how various heresies from Nestorious to Luther attempt to degrade our Lady.  Special emphasis is given to  our Lady of Fatima and the blasphemies committed against the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary  

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April 24 2017

This episode looks at some of the theological differences between East and West.  While many of the issues are quite minor and may not necessarily be worthy of division they do represent reunification issues.  Among the topics include the Filioque, views on Original Sin, the Immaculate Conception and various views on Ecclesiology regarding the role of Jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiff

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April 03 2017

This episode introduces everyone to the Eastern Churches, Catholic, Orthodox and Oriental.  The division between the East and the West is more complicated than a mere schismatic division but is one more so of man-made pride, political power and social mistrust.   This episode looks at autonomy and unity within the Orthodox Church and how extreme autonomy has led to some issues within the Church, as well as the opposite extreme of excessive centralization that we see in the Western Church.  The idea that the Church of Christ is both East and West and that Christ wills reunification is emphasized, but the importance of union with Rome for all churhces remains critical and necessary.

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March 20 2017

This second and concluding episode on the Second Vatican Council, again defends the integrity of the Council, and introduces the listener to the purposes of the Council and its true aims.  Emphasis is given to the Pre-Vatican 2 church and how the Council addressed many of its shortcomings, as well as focus on the documents on Freedom of Conscience, Ecumenism and the Church’s role with the modern world.

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