Heresies Throughout the Ages: A Catholic Response with Mark Moran

Mark Moran, MA introduces the Catholic faithful to the history and stories behind the great heresies that have assaulted Holy Mother Church. From the earliest heresies to the most recent, Mr. Moran will delve into the villains, heroes, teachings, councils and historical ramifications of each heresy or individual teaching.

Mr. Moran holds an MA from John Carroll University in Religious Studies and Theology, with an undergraduate in History from Youngstown State University.

January 22 2017

This episode looks at the history of the Protestant Revolt under Henry VIII in England and the ramifications of his schism with the Church over an annulment.  It further delves into the proceeding years of how the Church of England became less schismatic and more heretical in nature.  Also of note is the Irish persecution under Cromwell.  

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September 18 2017

This episode looks at the nature of Protestantism in particular the inner dynamics of the movement that started in the 16th Century.  Protestantism is seen not as a reformation of Christianity but a heresy that overemphasizes personal spirituality and salvation at the expense of authority and the role of the hierarchy and the sacraments.   Personal freedoms of interpretation of scripture and extreme autonomy lead to many divisions within Protestantism that lead to the Splintered Body of Christ.   This episode also identifies the modern issues of dealing with Protestants from an ecumenical point of view as well as listing the major branches of Protestantism  

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July 31 2017

This episode looks the mystery of the Trinity and how as Christians we are called to first believe and then to understand.   A thorough analysis of the theology is covered as well as numerous references to Scripture, as well as references to the early Church Fathers, most notably St Augustine, and also Church Councils.  Modalism and other Trinitarian heresies are also examined.  

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