New Programs Posted and More to Come

The new daily program on the Catechism of the Catholic Church is now available online. You can listen to episodes at and coming soon to iTunes as a podcast. ***Update*** The weekly program The Will of God with Fr. Robert Young is now also online at There are many more programs also coming soon to the website. Keep checking back at to find new programs as they become available.

11 thoughts on “New Programs Posted and More to Come

  1. Diane says:

    This pass week on 88.7 the rosary was not on the radio, why was it taken off at this time, and will it be put back on. We miss it on our way to work. Thanks. Diane

  2. Can you please post information and the schedule on The Bible Lady show. I’ve stumbled into it before and loved it so I’d like to see something posted on your site. Thanks.

  3. I would like The Bible Lady show
    to be posted on the site or at least information about the Bible Lady show

  4. Where do I find out when the Bible Lady’s show will air?

  5. Steve Ray says:

    I try to listen to Gail Buckley (the Catholic Lady) weekly on my iPhone app but noticed you don’t have the schedule of her shows on the website. Can we get more information on her and her show?

  6. Trudy S Rawlins says:

    I would like to have more information on the Bible Lady’s shows and listings.

  7. I am interested to know more about the broadcast times for the “Bible Lady” program. If you could post those prominently your website, it would be helpful. If it is a case that I am simply missing it in my search of your website, please let me know where to find that information. Thank you.

  8. Could you please post the broadcast times for the “Bible Lady” show? If such is already posted on your website, I cannot find it. In that case, please let me know where to search. Thank you.

  9. Gary Goedde says:

    I was wondering if it would be hard to post Gail Buckleys schedule of upcoming events for me to see. Also, for the times I cannot make the time to listen to her show, could you post archives of her show for me to listen at my convenience?

  10. Mary Catherine Surface says:

    Hi!I love The Bible Lady show! Can you please post additional info about the show on your website? Perhaps topics for each show and even podcasts? Thanks for all you do in building up the Body of Christ!

  11. Amy Meadows says:

    Please post the schedule of the Bible Lady. I have caugt it my chance severaql times and would love to have my adult fomation classes as well as Bible study classes to able to tune in. What a fascinating and informative program. Thank you for all you do promote.