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Winning Souls for Christ – New Program

We are pleased to introduce the newest member of the Radio Maria family of presenters, Mr. Isaac Longworth. Isaac is from Woodstock, Ontario, where he comes from a large Catholic family – having six younger siblings – and apart from a few years of Catholic public school, he was home-schooled for most of his life.
After graduating high school, he went to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College in Barry’s Bay, Ontario for two years before entering seminary with the Companions of the Cross. He now is in his sixth year of formation with the Companions of the Cross and studies theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, MI.
While in formation, he has been a part of many evangelical-focused retreats and programs, either as a speaker, prayer minister, worship team member, leader/organizer. In his program, Winning Souls for Christ, Isaac will give practical tips and tools that everyone will be able to implement into their lives to become evangelists wherever they are.
He will teach us to understand what evangelization is; its importance; learn new practical skills to evangelize; foster a new passion and zeal to evangelize; and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to actually evangelize rather than just learn it for ourselves.

Please join us for this inspiring new program, Winning Souls for Christ, at 4:00 pm Central/5:00 pm Eastern, beginning Friday, November 8, 2019.

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Shield of Faith with Matthew Arnold

We are pleased to announce the return of presenter, Matthew Arnold.  As part of Radio Maria’s expanding evening hours, Matthew agreed to re-join us for his program, Shield of Faith. Matthew is a lay Catholic speaker who has informed, inspired, and entertained audiences on four continents for over twenty years, and the author of Confessions of a Traditional Catholic (Ignatius Press, 2017). He has appeared on EWTN Television and hosted programs for their Global Catholic Radio Network, as well as the Radio Maria Network. He is also a popular contributor to the Augustine Institute’s Lighthouse program, which provides CDs and DVDs on the Catholic faith to 8,000 parishes around the world.

A husband and father of six, Matthew was honored with a “Catholic Man of the Year” award (March 2017) presented by Bishop Timothy Freyer of the Diocese of Orange, California. We invite you to join us beginning Tuesday, June 18th, at 9:00 p.m. Central/10:00 p.m. Eastern, for Shield of Faith, and hear Matthew’s “no nonsense” approach to Catholicism.


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