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November 09, 2015 – Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

Some of the best guides in the area of the spiritual life provided their communication via letters, among them are St. Padre Pio, St. Francis de Sales and Jean Pierre de Caussade.  Certainly written communication does have its limitations, but there are also some benefits to it.  Another great source of spiritual insight are the casual letters of many of the great saints.  Though they may not have been intended for publication, and even less so as a form of spiritual direction, much of this literature can none-the-less serve as a window into the heart and soul of a person in Union with God.  In the life of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, a French Carmelite who died at the young age of 26, we have a wonderful collection of over 300 letters that span the time before she entered Carmel, and leading up to only days before she died.  In these letters we read and see the continuing maturity of a soul in headlong pursuit of God.  At first communicating her desire to deepen her relationship, then moving to a fuller understanding of the nature of the relationship, and finally blossoming into a full encounter with the Trinity who she discovers within herself.  In letters to her mother, her sister, her cousins, aunts, Priests and friends, we are given an insiders view to the development of both her spirituality and the growth of her soul.  In the end we see how Elizabeth moves from the young and still unsure novice to an eventual master of the spiritual like, and one who is able, before she dies, to provide all of us with profound guidance and direction on how to pursue an intimate relationship with God.  This program is a wonderful introduction to the life of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity and her unique Carmelite Spirituality.