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March 08, 2015

Today’s program was a tribute to the late Prof. Charles E. Rice of the Notre Dame Law School who died February 25, 2015. He was known for his staunch defense and articulation of the natural law, and the teachings of the Catholic Church. He was a giant in the pro-life movement, being referred to as the happy warrior. My guests on the program were: Dr. Michael Kenney, Vice President for Planning and Enrollment Management at Madonna University; Professor Elizabeth Kirk, Resident Fellow in Cultural and Legal Studies at Ave Maria School of Law; and John Manos, General Counsel for EWTN. They were all students of Prof. Rice, and then maintained personal and professional relationships with him. They have given remarkable insight in to Charlie Rice; he was joyful, approachable, brilliant, humble, he called us to “work harder” for life, and to remember that we win in the end. Godspeed Charlie Rice!