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July 18, 2014 – Nathaniel Hurd

A conversation with Nathaniel Hurd about his conversion from atheism. Nathaniel Hurd is a 37 year-old native new Englander and proud citizen of Red Sox nation. He was an unbaptized atheist until age 22, agnostic for another two and a half years, and baptized as an Episcopalian in 2002. He was fully received into the Catholic Church in 2005. For the past 14 years he has advocated for survivors of international conflicts, like refugees, engaging with the US government and Congress. He now works for a major Christian relief and advocacy organization in DC. He spent a year in the priesthood formation program in the Washington Archdiocese before discerning out after his summer parish assignment in 2010. Nathaniel is now engaged to be married at the end of August. He and his bride are looking forward to living in the Intentional Catholic Community in Hyattsville, MD.