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June 20, 2014 – Dr. Peter Damgaard-Hansen

A conversation with Dr. Peter Damgaard-Hansen about his conversion to Catholicism. Dr. Peter was raised Lutheran but had not practiced that faith for some time, having had extensive experience with New Age spiritualities. Dr. Peter Damgaard-Hansen is a licensed psychologist with a Ph. D. in psychology from the University of Copenhagen. He has counseled extensively for the past 40 years in Denmark, Norway and the US, having practiced for 14 years in Minnesota. He founded the Integrative Counseling program: a program takes a three-dimensional approach to mental emotional problems, addressing physical, mental and spiritual health issues in combination in order to achieve optimal results. Peter converted to Roman Catholicism in 1991. His conversion deepened his understanding of human suffering and inspired new, creative ways to address suffering in psychotherapy. He currently resides in Denmark, but offers counseling worldwide through tele counseling via Skype or long distance phone calls. Dr. Peter is married to an American citizen, Deborah, and together they have three children.