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September 21, 2020 – Youth Culture in the U.S. | Don’t Believe the Lies

Cathy Garcia-Prats, Max Linnville and Margaret Gaston discuss the lies the American culture tells our youth. They dispel three lies: “My Parents Don’t Understand Me,” “Sexuality is King” and “You are defined by what you do.” A conversation for students and parents, the guests discern the difference between what the culture tells us and what God calls us to be. This is part two of three conversations leading up to the Nesti CFC Faithful Citizenship Celebration on Oct. 7 that will focus on family life in the United States. We will honor Dr. Joe and Cathy Garcia-Prats. The event is free, so register online at

Cathy Garcia-Prats Author, Speaker and 2020 Nesti CFC Faithful Citizenship Honoree

Max Linnville, MA Campus Minister, University of St. Thomas- Houston

Margaret Gaston Senior Nursing Student, Peer Minister with Campus Ministry, University of St Thomas-Houston

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