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May 29, 2015 – Courageous Fatherhood

MEN,… fathers: We are made for battles. To be men, not feminine. To carry the weight.  To carry our families. To be gentle.  To listen.  To give everything. To carry the cross. To fight. To never count the cost. To work. To be brave. To lead. To challenge. To protect.  To stand up for truth.  To never compromise the essentials.  To protect life.  To be noble.  To be dignified. To be chaste.  To be detached.  To love the higher things.  To be filled with faith and hope.  To be calm and confident.  To be mature.  To be recollected. To be contemplative. To love God and others. To sacrifice.  To take the shots.  To pray on our knees.  To be men of the Eucharist.  To be humble.  To be one with Christ.  To die……. To be happy for all eternity.