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December 10, 2014 – Understanding and Accepting Mary’s Role and Mission Jason Howard, Esq, Convert

Francesca Franchina MS Ed.   speaks  with   R. Jason Howard, Esq.  UNDERSTANDING MARY Part II on Understanding and Accepting Mary : Her Role and Mission citing Scripture and Jason’s  personal conversion to Catholicism.  very active family man, attorney, and  Catholic parishioner. Jason actively engages  in adult catechesis,  education and faith formation at Emmanuel Catholic Church in Downtown Dayton, OH. Jason addresses  his faith walk from Methodist, to Baptist to Roman Catholicism,  his conversion from Protestantism sharing   the stumbling blocks for Protestants and Fundamentalists with Catholicism specifically with understanding the role and  mission  of the Mother of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Tune in to hear how to converse with Catholics as well as non-Catholics about Catholicism, and how to talk about the Blessed Mother in a way to fill in the gaps to have Catholicism, Mary and the Mystical Body of Christ  be better understood. accepted and appreciated.