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January 28, 2015 – Encore of November 26, 2014 – Denise Dolff ACTHeals President, Psychotherapist, Inner Healing, Trauma, Christian Listening

Francesca Franchina MSEd. talks with Denise Dolff, MA (Psychology) of Waterloo, (Ontario) Canada about the revitalization of the International ACTheals Association and her Christ-Centered Inner Healing Ministry dealing with victims of trauma. ACTheals is an International Association of Christian Medical and Allied Health Professional and Associate Members, active throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and various parts of the world. Denise is experienced as a Christian psychotherapist working with individuals struggling with physical, mental or spiritual wounds resulting from childhood issues, family problems, or intense trauma and abuse. Recently retired after thirty-five years in private practice, she continues in a consultative capacity combining prayer and Christ-Centered Inner Healing Interventions along with clinical expertise. Denise is also involved in generational healing ministry, trauma recovery work and teaching. She facilitates workshops and retreats, and is a trainer of Christian Listening in various locations within Canada, the United States, and more recently in Rwanda, (Kibeho) Africa where she has ministered on three mission trips and continues to be involved in supporting the work of Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga a genocide survivor who is working to build a center for healing and reconciliation in Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Denise considers her first and foremost career and ministry is that of wife, mother and grandmother. Tune in for helps in developing your Christian Listening skills and to gain more of an understanding of stress, trauma, physical, mental, emotional issues in the lives of individuals that cause trauma and illness. Denise and Dr. Doug Schoeninger, Ph.D presented Christian Listening in Health Care Practice at the International ACTheals Conference held in Californian in September to enhance the listening skills of participants in the health care professions, increasing their ability to hear and minister to the needs of their clients and patients. What is the importance of listening in general and especially in the healthcare professions? What are the essentials of good listening and what are the basics of deep-level Christian Listening. Listen in to enhance your personal skills to increase your knowledge of the causes of problems in everyday living.
Tune in and be invigorated , encouraged and elated with dedicated people who live the message and diligently put it to work with The Joy of The Lord, Love, Joy, Peace and Purpose. What is the Mission of ACTheals? How did it get started, how is it maintained? ACTheals is Alive in the Holy Spirit carrying out the mission given by Jesus Christ to us all, “Go Ye Forth and Make Disciples of All Nations and Heal in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? How can we pray the Scriptures and the Psalms for healing? Jesus said, “They will know you are My witnesses by your Love.” See for more information and pray for this wonderful ministry that we can all take lessons from and put into action in our families with our young and seasoned families and friends.

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