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New program – Medjugorje: Message of Hope for the World

We are pleased to announce a new program on Radio Maria, Medjugorje: Message of Hope for the World, hosted by Ann Vucic.

Ann has been closely connected with the events of Medjugorje since the first days of the apparitions. She has devoted her life to evangelization, especially spreading the messages of Medjugorje through her work as a pilgrimage coordinator and guide, conference/retreat speaker, interpreter for Medjugorje priests and visionaries, writer and radio/tv guest and host. In the midst of the turbulent, morally confusing times in which we live, it is easy to believe that darkness has conquered the world. Many wonder when God is going to intervene.

There is good news, however; God IS intervening already.  He has sent His mother to us in Medjugorje to bring messages of tremendous hope for the world.
Ann’s program will air on alternating Fridays, at 10:30am Central/11:30am Eastern. We invite you to join her as she explores the phenomenon of Medjugorje more deeply and discusses the meaning and significance of these apparitions for our times.


(While the apparitions of Medjugorje are not yet officially approved, the Church has taken positive steps forward in the approval process. Archbishop Henryk Hoser (retired Archbishop of Warsaw, Poland) Apostolic Visitor for the parish of Medjugorje, oversees the running of the shrine and reports directly to the Vatican, effectively placing Medjugorje under direct Vatican supervision.)