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December 14 2016 Prophecy is Key to Readying Our Hearts

From Adam and Eve, through many prophets, the coming of the Messiah is foretold.  In addition to the existence of prophecy itself, something only God can do, what is more remarkable still is how Jesus fulfills it.  Isaiah foretold the 10 Northern Tribes, Israel, going into exile.  Jeremiah warned the 2 Southern Tribes, “Judah”, that they would suffer a similar fate.  But Jesus fulfills these prophecies and others, even the promise of a new kingdom without end.  Where do we see this particularly?  He begins at “Zebulun and Naphtali”, the place where the first two tribes were taken into exile.  And how does he do it?  By working through people who become his “fishers” as mentioned by Jeremiah, the means by which he will call “all nations”.