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June 28 2017 Underestimating God’s Love and Mercy?

Would we not be horrified if our 5-year old son or daughter, uncertain about our ability to help, went instead to ask a friend?  Truly, we are blessed with friends, but they are not the same as a mother or father.  God the Father, it seems, sent St. Faustina to remind his older children, you and me, about this very thing!
God’s mercy, his love for us knows no bounds!  Yet, sometimes we do not even ask for it.  My special guest is Maria Vargo.  She discovered the depth of Our Lord’s love in just this way.  Today, she is a talented actress and singer for Our Lord, and intimately familiar with St. Faustina, God’s “Messenger of Divine Mercy”.
Maria Vargo and her music may be found at:, 1-310-699-4697, as well as on iTunes and Facebook.
Acting as St. Faustina, Maria’s performance, Faustina:  Messenger of Divine Mercy, will soon be available on DVD.  For more information, please visit:, or call 1-360-687-8029.