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May 18 2016 – Legitimate Anger; Unintended Losses

We know how in a family legitimate angers can escalate and, if unchecked, lead to greater hurting relationships and even to there loss. Inside God’s family it is no different. Legitimate concern raised by Luther was like a camp fire, lighted with purpose, that then spread into the forest. There, fueled by the trees of political interests and individualist philosophy, much was lost. The losses include not only a separated Christian family, but the understanding that the sacraments are physical realities actually conveying God’s grace and are not merely symbolic. We know this because God has always chosen to save his people physically. Through the ages he called his children to the task. Think Moses, Abraham, Joseph, the prophets… Mary, Peter… the boy with the 5 loaves, and your parish priest. Yet, by understanding Luther’s concerns and the consequences that followed, listeners are invited to recognize the separation and seek reconciliation with their brothers and sisters in Christ.