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September 14 2016 Chosen from Out of Obscurity

God is endearing in his methods and wins us to himself in all ways beautiful!  Perhaps one of the most beautiful ways is how he comes to us individually and invites us to follow him.  The fact that he seeks us, specifically, is remarkable enough, but there is more.  He invites us to participate in making the introduction to others!  It is as if he calls us to be a spiritual mother or father who, if willing, bring his life to a new spiritual son or daughter, someone who may come to believe.
We see this action, God’s action, in ancient Israel, his “Chosen People”.  They were chosen from the midst of a world that existed long before them and from amongst peoples far more prominent than they.  Yet, God’s plans are not hindered by this.  This too reflects his glory.  Rather, his plans become the more exciting, because he invites our real participation!!