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Schoeninger – January 31, 2012

Francesca Franchina, MS Ed. talks¬†with Dr. Doug Schoeninger,¬†Ph.D, Past President of¬†The International Association of Christian Therapists (¬†¬†about the¬†mission and goals of ACT,¬†the¬† 2012 f International ACT Conference in October,focusing on the theme “Listening With the Heart of Jesus;” the¬† difference between¬† hearing and listening,¬†¬† highlighting¬† the¬† dangers of¬† certain kinds of music¬†contributing to the¬†increased rate of teen suicide, offering¬†suggestions¬† for¬† developing¬† presence in listening, increasing¬†listening¬† skills¬†and how to¬†help alleviate personal stress and stress in others and more.¬† Dr. Schoeninger will¬† guest¬† with Francesca ¬†on T5H¬† on¬†¬†the last Tuesday of each month¬† focusing on various topics of human¬† development, and¬† the physical, mental,spiritual¬† and emotional¬† facets¬† of healing the whole person in the Christian tradition.¬†¬† Francesca’s¬†Recipe Today: Italian Stuffed¬† Peppers