Quest for a Culture of Life in America with Steve Koob

Steve Koob, founder and executive director of One More Soul, hosts a weekly program in which he interviews some of the people making a significant contribution to the Culture of Life. The hope and prayer is that Radio Maria listeners will be inspired by these guests, and will find ways that they too can foster a Culture of Life in their community, Church, and family.

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The Quest For A Culture Of Life In America

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November 22 2016 – Created Equal is one of many Pro-Life organizations that contributed to the Victory

The Revolution of 2016 Election was just two weeks ago, but it already seems like old news to me. God’s mercy is overwhelming. I hope and pray that you too see that His almighty hand deflected the bullet that would have continued the tyranny of the current administration. I’m thinking of Pope John Paul II’s belief that the hand of Mary deflected the assassin’s bullet that came so close to his heart.

Many people and their organizations had a hand in giving America another chance to return to greatness. Each can rightly claim that there efforts were what gave the Republican pro-life candidates the margin of victory. Today’s “Quest for a Culture of Life of America” features Mark Harrington of Created Equal, a Columbus Ohio based activist organization that brought their anti-abortion message to several key states in the months before the election using flying banners, JumboTron trucks and graphic posters of aborted children.

Here are some of my questions for Mark:

  • What is Created Equal? How and where did it come to be?
  • What is CE’s philosophy?
  • Why is it necessary to display the reality of aborted babies?
  • What was your strategy during this election? How do you measure your impact?
  • What will you be doing now that the election is over and we have a pro-life President, Congress, Cabinet and other appointees as well as 35 pro-life governors and most state legislatures that compete for ranking by Americans United For Life?
  • Given the boldness/courage, innovative thinking and apparent pro-life commitment of President-Elect Trump, can you envision the possibility of him
  • taking some dramatic action that would close all child-killing centers nationwide?
  • Elections are not a weekly event. What does Created Equal do outside the election season?

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November 15 2016 – November: of Saints, Saints-To-Be, and Gratitude

Robert Ellsberg writes a beautiful one-page summary of the life of a saint or saint-in-process. These “Blessed Among Us” forewords have welcomed me for many years to the Mass readings in Give Us This Day, published by Liturgical Press.

Robert has selected two of his favorite “saints” for every day of the year to create a hefty 765 page hard cover book—sturdy enough to be on the living room coffee table in a home full of kids. Blessed Among Us is the latest in Robert Ellsberg’s long list of books on saints; he’s an expert on saints!

Questions for Robert Ellsberg:

  • November is the month of All Saints, All Souls, elections, Thanksgiving, and the end of the Liturgical Year. What is the significance of this coalescence?
  • Your “Give us This Day” daily accounts of saints, blesseds, venerables, and others not yet on the road to Canonization are fascinating thumb-nail sketches of truly great people. Where do you find the stories about these people, particularly those from before 1800?
  • It seems like there are more female stories than male. Do you seek a gender balance? Other kinds of balances? Is the supply of saints’ stories endless?
  • For females, a sure path to sainthood is to be raised in either poverty or aristocracy (wealth) and then start a religious order to serve the needs of some needy group–widows, children, the sick, etc, etc. True? Is this pattern continuing in the modern era?
  • I have suggested that being a real mother is almost certain sufficiency for sainthood. What do you think?
  • For a man to be a saint, he needs to be a holy cleric, preferably a pope, or at least a bishop or priest–maybe a monk here and there. Are there more females in Heaven than males?
  • It is only recently that Popes have sought married couples to canonize, like the parents of St Gianna Mollo and parents of St Therese of Lisieux–Louis and Zeilie. Mary and Joseph, of course, etc. Are there other examples? Any in the pipe-line?
  • Can these lives of the saints inspire modern day Americans to live lives of greater virtue? How might that happen given the different circumstances of their lives from ours?
  • How do you suggest that families use Blessed Among Us to encourage virtuous living? Where can they get it and at what price?
  • What is your take on Pope Francis?
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    November 08 2016 – Will the American Church Save America?

    The decisions Americans make at the polls today will determine the shape of America for decades to come. The choice of a President and a Congress, along with numerous other public officials, will determine the direction of countless policy decisions, the makeup of the Supreme Court, the lives of millions of pre-born children, the religious liberty of our citizens — just to mention a few things.

    One day of voting — decades of consequences.

    Please be sure to vote today and to get others to vote as well!

    Reach out to other like-minded people — via phone, email, personal contact, Facebook, Twitter, etc. — offering them help to get to the polls if necessary.

    Thank you for your commitment as an active, informed citizen, and let us all pray for the good of our nation and its future!

    Our Guests on today’s Election Day “Quest for a Culture of Life in America” are Fathers Frank Pavone and Denis Wilde, National Director and Associate Director, respectively, of Priests for Life. Priests For Life has been working tirelessly to inform, educate and encourage Christians of all denominations to take responsibility for America. Today is the test!

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    November 1 2016 – America’s Response to Tyranny: 1776, 1941, 2016 (Father Frank Pavone)

    1776: The American Colonies are subjected to British tyranny by denial of religious freedom and excessive taxes. The new Americans responded with the “American Revolution of 1776”.

    1941: A Great Depression wounded America sustains an unprovoked Japanese attack on our Pacific Fleet. The Great Generation responds to save our country and the entire world from Axis Power’s tyranny that murdered millions of Jews, Christians and handicapped human beings.

    2016: America and the entire world is inundated by sexual perversion that destroys the soul and compromises human life at all stages justifying the murder of uncountable vulnerable people–in the womb, in a Petri dish, disabled, old, genetically different, etc. This tyranny under which we now live came from within our own country and is supported by our government (here and abroad), our own medical establishment and by the Church’s silent complicity.

    In 1776 and 1941, great American came forward to lead the the country to out of tyranny.

    Who is leading America out of its self-generated tyranny in 2016? Not the elitists from society, government, political parties, the media, or the wealthy and powerful. The leadership is coming from grass-roots America, especially those who respect the dignity of all human life.

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    October 18 2016 – How Should a Catholic Vote?

    Father John Lankeit’s October 2nd homily from Saints Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix has been widely and gratefully noted for its frank explanation of which critical teachings of our Catholic Faith should guide us when we exercise our duty to vote. You can hear Father John’s homily at

    While God was firming up His call to Father, John pursued careers in the coffee industry, various high-tech fields and professional sports marketing with the Seattle Mariners. He has been the Cathedral Rector for six years.

    Here are some questions I want to ask Father John on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America”:

    • Historically, few priests and bishops have been willing to publicly tell Catholics how to vote. Why?
    • Do you often address issues of morality from the pulpit? If so, are you typical of homilists in the Diocese of Phoenix? Is Bishop Olmsted courageous in this regard?
    • You are the second priest I’ve seen speak on the critical importance of voting for the right candidate and party without naming candidates or parties–which seems to be the line in the sand that diminishes IRS concern. Why is not naming names of candidates or parties significant?
    • I just saw quotes from Denver Archbishop Aquila naming candidates and parties. Is he recklessly challenging the “line in the sand”? Are the stakes so high in this election, and the differences in party/candidate positions so dramatic, that caution must be thrown to the wind to educate Catholics about their moral responsibility to vote with the Church?
    • You make the point that all issues are not equal. Some have legitimate arguments on both sides. Others that deal with “intrinsic evil” must be given more weight in evaluating a candidate’s acceptability. Some Voter’s Guides discourage a “single issue” evaluation of candidates. Please give our listeners some examples of both types of issues.
    • Some pastors don’t speak about abortion because there may be aborted women in the congregation. But you paused to speak directly to women who may have aborted a child. What did you say to them? Why was that important?
    • Please compare the two alternative (extreme) positions on abortion as written in party platforms and supported by their candidates.
    • What level of offense would be committed by a Catholic who votes for an abortion supporting candidate? Venial Sin? Mortal Sin? No sin? No longer welcome at Holy Communion?
    • As a priest and pastor/shepherd do you feel an obligation to preach on moral issues, including those that have been politicized by our government?

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    October 11 2016 – Religious Freedom, Use it or Lose It (Fr Michael Orsi)

    Father Michael Orsi recently spoke at a “Day of Remembrance” in a cemetery where aborted and miscarried children are buried. Those present included many Christian pastors and he spoke very directly to them,

    “If Christians don’t vote right in November, you might not have a church to go to”.

    On today’s “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” I will ask Father to clarify some of the statements he made during this powerful “Call to Action” from Naples Florida:

    • Why do you think that our Freedom of Speech rights are in jeopardy?
    • Priests/Pastors/Churches fear losing their 501 C(3) non-profit status. Have any churches lost their non-profit status because of sermons that some would call too political?
    • Is this supposed fear merely an excuse for avoiding controversial topics that may offend some and cut into the offering?
    • You said that the Bible is a political document. What do you mean by that?
    • Where did the IRS ruling threatening non-profits (including churches) come from? Is it illegal?
    • Is government’s goal to take away our responsibility for the 2nd Great Commandment and restrict our activities to obeying the 1st Great Commandment?
    • You want the IRS to take away a church’s not-for-profit status so that ruling can be reviewed by SCOTUS. Given the recklessness of the current justices, might that be pretty foolish?
    • What did you mean when you said that the Constitution is being quickly destroyed?
    • Do priests and bishops have a responsibility to bring the Church into the Public Square by telling people to vote their faith?
    • The government’s attitude seems to be: If our teachings disagree with the government’s ideology, the Church should just change its teachings? Simple. Does that not follow legislative history in the now standard practice of changing the law because it can’t be enforced—contraception, abortion, divorce, SS marriage, euthanasia, etc?
    • If the “wrong party” is elected, how will that affect the future of the Supreme Court and all Federal judiciary/courts?
    • Do Catholics have a moral obligation to vote for the “right party”? Is it serious matter, ie, mortal sin to vote for representatives who support the killing of children?

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    September 27 2016 – Pediatrics support for LARC (Long Acting Reversible Contraception)–A Catholic Legal and Pastoral Response

    Our Guest last week was Dr/Sr Hanna Klaus, MD, who developed the Teen STAR curriculum for Adolescent and Young Adult Sexuality. The Teen STAR Program is widely used with great success throughout the world, though not so much in the USA. Today’s program brings another great Guest to address the problem of pediatrician support for sterilizing adolescent girls with LARCs–IUD, implants and shots.

    John Fitzgerald is a retired medical malpractice attorney who started the Saint Augustine Foundation in Yonkers NY to promote the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Spring 2016 National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly includes his article, “Long Acting Contraceptives for Adolescents” in which he analyzes and challenges the American Academy of Pediatrics 2014 policy supporting LARCs for children.

    On today’s “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” John will review the AAP policy, the problems it presents for parents, physicians and society, and propose a response that involves the several Catholic entities under the auspices of the dioceses.

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    September 20 2016 – Sr/Dr Hanna Klaus–Contrasting Approaches to Adolescent Sexuality

    Dr Hanna Klaus, MD, is director of the Natural Family Planning Center of Washington DC; co-founder and director of the Teen STAR Program, USA; and a Medical Mission Sister who practiced as an Ob/Gyn for many years in Pakistan. Today she brings her adolescent sexuality research and Teen STAR teaching experience to “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” offering a clear alternative to the secular medical culture that eschews morality, chastity, and abstinence in favor of birth control for young people.

    The results are disastrous for their current and future lives–psychologically, socially, physically and spiritually! Dr Hanna will describe the superior alternative to this culture of death fostered hedonism–the way, the truth and the life offered by Jesus through His Bride–our Church.

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    September 13 2016 – The Ethics of Starting & Ending Life

    We were all made in the image and likeness of God. How awesome is that? Does that mean that we may take on God’s authority and responsibility for LIFE’s start and end? I don’t think so! The Bride of Christ doesn’t think so! The National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC) President Dr John Haas, PhD, STL, doesn’t think so. WHY?

    Tune in to “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” at Noon ET today, Tuesday the 13th, to learn what ethical principles are the foundation for the Churches objections to many practices common to our culture of death in America. Dr Haas has lectured in venues of every variety all over the world. He will cite some of the hundreds of ethical quandaries that the NCBC tackles every day as ethical consultants to bishops, physicians, hospitals, priests and families. This is fascinating and cutting-edge hard work that is critical to our Church, country, families and human dignity, especially for those who are vulnerable and at the ends of life’s spectrum.

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    September 6 2016 – Physician Assisted Suicide–Legalized Murder

    As a nation we continue to accept ways to kill people for a whole plethora of reasons. If someone is inconvenient, prevents another from achieving some perceived good, or is judged to have (or expected to have) a low “quality of life”, or whose body parts may be beneficial for someones’s life extension, or research, or baby factory, we just change the law to “legalize” the killing. Simple solution–RIGHT? NOT!!!

    We have become the 21st Century version of Nazis Germany. Like the frog in the slowly heating pan of water we are being cooked in the ever expanding Culture of Death. Who will stand against MY WILL BE DONE and for THY WILL BE DONE, on Earth as it is in Heaven?

    Today’s Guest on the Quest is Brad Mattes, President of Life Issues Institute(LII) . He stood on the shoulders of Doctor Jack and Barbara Willke for decades and took over LII when Jack and Barbara returned to the Father. There he continues the fight for life on a multitude of fronts with cutting edge research, and great educational resources that are effective in changing minds and hearts toward God’s gift of life–go to

    The the fight over the life and death of Terri Schiavo ( culminated in her death by starvation on March 31, 2005. It remains an important bench mark in the Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) battle that has garnered legalization in 6 US states. The well-worn path to a US Supreme Court decision in favor of legalized murder can be predicted.

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