Quest for a Culture of Life in America with Steve Koob

Steve Koob, founder and executive director of One More Soul, hosts a weekly program in which he interviews some of the people making a significant contribution to the Culture of Life. The hope and prayer is that Radio Maria listeners will be inspired by these guests, and will find ways that they too can foster a Culture of Life in their community, Church, and family.

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The Quest For A Culture Of Life In America

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May 17, 2016 – Father Frank Pavone’s latest book encourages homilists to address the evil of abortion

It is always a great joy for me to have Fr Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, as our Guest on “The quest for a Culture of Life in America” because he is the most articulate, and one of the most prominent, pro-life leaders in the world.
In many (possibly most) parishes the subject of abortion is never mentioned from the pulpit. Why is the legal killing of pre-born children ignored in our churches? Many excuses have been given. Father Frank gives short responses to 30 of them in his latest book—Proclaiming the Message of Life, Weekly reflections from the Lectionary. But the most common excuse priests give is that they have to preach on the readings. Father Frank discards this excuse by a comprehensive review of all the Sunday and Holyday readings to find life-affirming messages for the entire three-year cycle.
If you want your pastor to preach with love, compassion, and integrity on the abortion issue, you should seriously consider giving him a copy of Proclaiming the Message of Life.

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May 10, 2016 – “Brain Death” and organ transplantation Part II – personal stories

Last week Dr Paul Byrne educated us on the evil twins of “brain death” and the organ transplantation business–yet another element of the Culture of Death that ravages our lives, families and religious freedom. Dr Byrne’s resume includes his pioneering research and development of ventilators and incubators for preemies in intensive care, half a century of the highest quality pediatrics and neonatology, and the world’s leading educator on the falsity of “brain death” and its necessity for stealing healthy living organs from living human “donors”.

Today (two days after Mother’s Day), Benice, Missy and Carolyn (hopefully) will tell how their children were declared brain dead and became fodder for the transplant industry that is another corruption of health care.

What are the other corruptions? Contraception and sterilization destroying the God-designed procreative system; IVF and other “reproductive technologies” that replace God’s design for creating new human life; using human embryos for “research”; refusing to admit the huge increase in breast (and other) cancers caused by hormonal birth control; murder of children in the womb=abortion; and physician assisted suicide=murder. There are probably others.

May God have mercy and deliver us from all these evils!

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May 03 2016 – Two Year-old Israel Has Been Declared “brain dead”, But Is He Really Dead?

Doctor Paul Byrne is a retired Toledo neonatologist, but he is still visiting “patients”–not in Toledo, but all around the USA. Lately he has been helping Israel Stinson’s parents and Life Legal Defense Foundation prevent a California hospital from removing Israel’s life support systems. Israel is on a ventilator and hospital physicians have declared him “brain dead”. But his mother claims that he is responsive to her tickling him. As I understand the situation, Israel’s parents are asking for simple surgeries that would enable him to be moved to a long-term care facility–possibly at home.

The questions that Israel’s case raises are not new to Radio Maria’s “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” listeners, and certainly not new to Dr Byrne–our Guest today. Here are some of those questions that Dr Paul will address at Noon ET, today:

  • What is Israel’s condition and how did he get where he is? Age, family, location, health status and how he came to be declared ‘brain dead’?
  • What are the medical treatment issues and why does the hospital want to remove his ventilator?
  • What is being done legally to protect Israel and secure his proper care/treatment? What is his prognosis?
  • How are some of your other “patients” doing–like Jahi?
  • Does ‘brain death’ have any legitimacy in your view?
  • Who has a stake in Israel’s life and why?
  • Regarding the ethics of Israel’s situation, what do/would the following say:
    • NCBC?
    • Other pro-life physicians?
    • Advocates for using Israel’s body parts to prolong life and life quality for a dozen others?
    • God?

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April 26 2016 – Old Testament Justice Lessons for the Year of Mercy

In this Year of Mercy we are being inundated with articles, homilies, and books about God’s mercy. And that is a good thing! We are growing in our appreciation for God’s super-abundant mercy. BUT, we should not forget God’s justice—not for a year or a day. His justice can be harsh, and even seem to be UNjustice, particularly in His treatment of His own “chosen people” as described in the Old Testament.

Our guest today (on “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America”) is bible scholar and professor, Mark Giszczak, PhD. Mark will provide reasonable answers to nagging questions on some of Sacred Scripture’s most perplexing parts from his book In Light on the Dark Passages of Scripture (Our Sunday Visitor, 2015).

“The God of fierce justice is the same as the God of abundant mercy,” says Giszczak. “The one who reigns over the universe in justice, the one who punishes sins, is the same one who dies on the cross for us.

Mark will explain why punishment must exist—by God’s mercy—to enforce moral responsibility, including the ultimate punishment of Hell. There are times when God has directly killed, or permitted the killing of people to enact justice. He can enlighten us to how the death penalty in the Old Testament is actually essential to divine pedagogy (the gradual revelation of God to man), and clarifies the God-given teaching of the just-war doctrine. In In the Light . . . , he shows how OT stories of mass destruction, murder, genocide, polygamy, divorce, slavery, misogyny, even child sacrifice are part of God’s larger rescue-mission of mercy toward man, and of guiding us toward right-reason. Did you notice that these OT evils are still with us today? God must wonder, “are they ever going ‘to get it’?”

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April 19 2016 – Pope Francis’ Post-Synodal Exhortation – A reflection by Fathers Daniel McCaffery and Matthew Habiger

I cannot think of any two priests better qualified to review Pope Francis’ “Exhortation” ‘Amoris Laetitia’, ‘Love in the Family’, or ‘The Joy of Love’, than Fathers Daniel McCaffrey, STD, founder of NFP Outreach, and renowned traveling missionary for God’s Plan for Spousal Love and his partner Father Matthew Habiger, OSB, PhD (Moral Theology), who traveled the world as President of Human Life International for 10 years. Together they offer priests convocations, parish missions on the CCC and seminars on NFP . They have been encouraging priests to speak with love and courage about God’s plan for spousal love for several decades. I am very proud to include them on One More Soul’s distinguished Board of Advisors.

Much has already been written about the the Pope’s Exhortation. Does it change Church doctrine on the indissolubility of marriage, or the prohibition from Holy Communion for those who are divorced and remarried without an annulment?? Are same-sex unions granted some legitimacy? Is the exhortation a “magisterial” document; what authority does it carry? Is historic Church Doctrine affirmed?

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April 12, 2016 – Father Frank Pavone, His Vocation and Passion

It is clear from Fr Frank Pavone’s story of God’s calling him to the priesthood that God was also calling him to dedicate his life to saving children from abortion. And that is what Father Frank has been committed to since he participated in the 3rd March For Life in 1976.

Five years after his 1988 ordination for the Archdiocese of New York by John Cardinal O’Conner, the Cardinal appointed Father full-time National Director of Priests For Life—the largest Catholic pro-life organization in the USA. Priests For Life has significant apostolates in virtually all aspects of the pro-life movement including support for aborted women [Silent-No-More] and political activities that are consistent with IRS conditions for not-for-profit organizations. Father Frank will tell us about efforts that support pro-life candidates in the current presidential races, including in 5 targeted states that can use your help.

Father Pavone and Priests For Life are two of the 37 petitioners (including The Little Sisters of the Poor) who are refusing to honor HHS and Obama Care requirements to include contraception, abortion and sterilization in their employee health plans. Father Frank was present for the Holy Thursday Supreme Court oral arguments and will give us a report on how that went and the likely future scenario after the current stalemate.

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April 5 2016 – From Committed Atheist to Dedicated Catholic Evangelist

St. John Paul II first called for a “new evangelization” some thirty years ago. Throughout his pontificate, the Holy Father encouraged renewed efforts in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who seek the truth. But, even after 30 years, I think many Catholics still don’t have a good handle on evangelization, let alone the “new” evangelization.

In 2012, Croatian Archbishop Nikola Eterović organized a synod of bishops on the New Evangelization. That synod defined New Evangelization by distinguishing three different kinds of missionary effort:

  • Evangelization as a regular activity of the church, a lifelong process directed at practicing Catholics;
  • The mission ad gentes, meaning the first proclamation of Christ to non-Christian persons and peoples;
  • “New Evangelization,” meaning outreach to baptized Catholics who have become distant from the faith.

The best way to teach and lead is by example. Jesus came to be one of us–as we celebrated with His Incarnation yesterday–to teach and lead by His example. But that was two thousand years ago. Who are the 21st Century evangelists? The “new” evangelists? And what are they doing to be labeled “new evangelists”?

Karen Edmisten’s You Can Share the Faith, Reaching Out One Person at a Time (Our Sunday Visitor, 2016, describes her journey from atheism to Catholicism and on to unwitting super evangelist. In a way it is an autobiography that cites the evangelists that changed her life and the evangelical opportunities that God put in her life’s pathway to make her an evangelist.

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March 22 2016 – The Catholic Masculine Mystique – Husbands and Fathers Speak Out

Last year (August28th) I interviewed Mary Rice Hasson as the editor of Promise and Challenge: Catholic Women Reflect on Feminism, Complementarity, and the Church(OSV Publishing). She and the other all-female authors had much to say about the blessings of feminine mystique for the Church. I thought it interesting that 2 or 3 of the authors expressed the need for writing about the masculine mystique.
The definition of mystique is “a special quality that makes a person or thing interesting or exciting”; having an air of mystery, commanding reverence and respect.
The secular culture would define masculine mystique qualities using words like violence and mayhem, as in sports, war, all manner of female disrespect, macho, etc.
Brandon McGinley’s new book, The Joys & Challenges of Family Life, Catholic Husbands and Fathers Speak Out,(2015, Our Sunday Visitor) goes a long way toward defining an authentic masculine mystique—one that conforms to Catholic beliefs—a Catholic masculine mystique.
In 9 chapters, 8 Catholic married men describe how they have handled challenges that men often face in life. Chapters on pornography and infertility were very powerful. Others on the technology revolution, pop culture, and spiritual maintenance were very helpful.

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March 15 2016 – Surrogacy as a step toward licensing requirements for parents?

Connie Marshner has been in the thick of the pro-life movement for decades and has deep connections with the political process and politicians at least back to Ronald Reagan. On this Primary Election Day 2016 for many Americans, including Buckeyes like me, I am eager to hear her take on what has been a very interesting political process leading up to the primaries.

I also want to hear about Melissa Cook’s experience as a surrogate mom in California and why Connie thinks Melissa’s legal entanglements could lead to laws requiring a couple to have a license before they can get pregnant. I know it sounds ridiculous and can’t happen, but didn’t I/we say the same thing about legalization of “marriage” between two people of the same gender?

Why are we in such turmoil? Where is God in all of this mess? Maybe Connie has some answers, or at least an interesting perspective.

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March 8 2016 – Saint Maria Goretti, Patroness of Purity and of Mercy

Father Carlos Martins is a priest of the Companions of the Cross order headquartered in Ottawa Ontario. Last fall, Father Carlos accompanied the relics of Saint Maria Goretti on a tour of parishes in the northern United States, including Columbus Ohio, and along the east coast. He is currently mapping out a tour through the southern and western USA. Father will be our Guest on Radio Maria’s “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” to tell us about the Church’s youngest canonized saint–Maria Goretti.

Saint Maria is best know as the Patroness of Purity recognizing her martyrdom in defense of her virginity from the attack of Alessandro. Her self-defense so enraged him that he stabbed her multiple times causing severe damage to her intestines and lungs, resulting in massive infection leading to her death about 24 hours later. It was while she was receiving the last sacraments that the priest prompted her to follow Jesus’ example from the cross by forgiving her attacker. She responded by saying, “Yes, for the love of Jesus I too pardon him, and I want him to be with me in Heaven.” (Saint Maria Goretti: In Garments All Red, Ch 10, p47) By this action, she is now recognized not only for her example of purity but also as a model of exceptional mercy.

Father Martins is the Director of Treasures of the Church, directing the display and touring of relics from over 160 saints. He has witnessed how touched people are by the forgiveness that St Maria extended to Alessandro. Fr Martins states, “Time and again I have seen victims of rape, sexual abuse, injustice, and violence of all kinds, approach me and share how St Maria;s witness gave them the strength to do likewise to their abusers.”

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