Rafael’s weekly journeys

Renzo Mzzotti on August 24, 2017
Please meet Rafael Fernandez, our newest presenter in the Radio Maria family. Rafael is a self-proclaimed prodigal son, who was made into a lecturer, Eucharistic minister, lay minister and preacher for many groups and parishes, not to mention, being on the radio worldwide for 27 years! The son of Cuban parents, he was born in New York, raised in Miami and Seville, Spain, happily married to his lovely bride, with 5 kids and 4 grand kids, and many gray hairs! Rafael describes his program, Words of Confidence, as one “in which he will share the Word, then take a real life situation which he has just encountered through that week (by the way, it could be changing a tire to watching how they fix his roof, to putting down tile, or my daughter’s car blowing up for lack of oil, or better yet my wife nagging me for years to do my program in English and thus Radio Maria!) Then somehow God does the miracle of putting it all together, in the mix of laughter and sometimes tears, He never ceases to amaze me!” We invite you to experience Rafael’s weekly journeys on Wednesdays, at 1:30 pm Central/2:30 pm Eastern.