Understanding Scrupulosity with Rev. Thomas M. Santa, C.SsR.

Understanding Scrupulosity is a series for those suffering from scrupulosity and their loved ones. Each week Fr. Santa dedicates a program to a subject that is useful to the person who suffers with scrupulosity and/or their caregivers, spouses, children, spiritual director, confessor. The subject is considered, examples are provided, and telephone calls are accepted. Fr. Santa will also present a variety of actual questions that have been submitted for consideration to the SA newsletter, references to specific spiritual works that may be helpful, and occasional suggestions from people who suffer with scrupulosity entitled “this helped me.”

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March 02, 2017 – Spiritual Blindness

Scrupulosity has the ability to “blind a person” who suffers with the disorder.
It is not that they do not see, in the classic sense of what blindness is, but rather that they “see” what is not there, the presence of sin, and as a result are “blind” to the real goodness and grace of God at work in their lives.

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