September 23, 2014 – Steve Ray

Evan on September 23, 2014
I’ll confess to not having heard of Steve Ray until last week when he popped up on my radar screen. He is a fascinating person who converted to Catholicism from Evangelical Protestantism–primarily Baptist–twenty years ago–along with his wife Janet and their four children.  He wrote a book to explain to his disappointed dad why he became Catholic.  The book–Crossing the Tiber–was so convincing that Mom and Dad became Catholic,  along with many other family members, as well as total strangers who have read this still popular book.
Crossing . . .  been followed by 6 other books, working on 4 more, annually leading 100 pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Ireland, Marian Shrines and other Catholic sites, and being a frequent guest and commentator on both Catholic and secular radio and TV networks. You will be amazed by Steve’s dad’s decisions and advice that led to Steve starting and running a multi-million dollar clearing services company that he eventually sold to become a full-time Catholic evangelist. For most Catholics, evangelization is a new thing.  What are we supposed to do to participate in the “new Evangelization”?  Steve has the answers.