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February 12, 2015 – Arleen Spenceley and Anthony Ryan

1st segment Arleen Spenceley “Chastity is for Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin” (Ave Maria Press) www.avemariapress. Arleen’s blog site:

2nd segment Ken talks with Anthony Ryan (Marketing Director at Ignatius Press) “Could You Not Watch with Me One Hour: How to Cultivate a Deeper Relationship with the Lord through Eucharist Adoration” by Fr. Florian Racine (Ignatius Press)

February 2, 2011- Julie Davis

 Ken talks with author and blogger Julie Davis, author of Happy Catholic – Glimpses of God in Everyday Life (published by Servant Books) Julie begins her book with her remarkable conversion story. Her conversion resulted in her “consuming” books about her new found faith, and she finds the wonder and joy of God surrendering her in everyday experiences. One thing leads to another, and she began her Happy Catholic blog site. Her book, Happy Catholic, is a series of quotes from such diverse sources as books, movies, and TV shows with each quote followed by a reflection. Her blog can be found at Her book can be purchases at: