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June 15, 2015 – Chris Stefanick and Mark Hart

Chris Stefanick is the author of The Chosen confirmation series. He speaks to more than 50,000 , young adults and parents every year. Chris is also founder and president of Real Life Catholic, a nonprofit organization based in Denver, CO dedicated to reengaging a generation. Additionally, Chris is a syndicated columnist, author, and regular on Catholic TV and radio. Mark Hart is a man on a mission: spreading the gospel. Affectionately known as the Bible Geek, Mark serves as executive vice president for Life Teen International. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the author of seven books, Markā€™s creative work on videos and in written sources is known internationally.

June 6, 2011- June Klins and Chris Stefanick

This week’s guests are June Klins and Chris Stefanick.Ā  June, from Pennsylvania is an author, public speaker, teacher, and Marian ministry founder. In this program sheĀ tells of her conversion in Medjugorjie. Also, Chris Stefanick a youth leader and public speaker of theĀ Denver Archdiocese talks of the challenges he faced when working with youth andĀ preparing for World Youth Day in Spain