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New Program with Fr. Scott McCaig

We are re-introducing a host to Radio Maria – Fr. Scott McCaig, C.C. Fr. McCaig is a member of the Companions of the Cross, and resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Some of you may remember Father McCaig’s previous program, Keys to Spiritual Growth, which ran from 2012 to 2013. Father is a wonderful and inspiring preacher, and we are quite happy that he was able to return to Radio Maria. In his new program, Seized by the Spirit, he will discuss the theology and dynamic spiritual practices of being a missionary disciple of Jesus in this Era of the New Evangelization. We invite you to tune in at 10:00 a.m. Central/11:00 a.m. Eastern, every other Friday, starting May 8, 2015, for Seized by the Spirit.

The Abundant Life with Fr. Mark Goring To Begin Thursday February 5

fr. mark goringWe are introducing a new host to Radio Maria – Fr. Mark Goring, CC. Father Goring joined the Companions of the Cross when he was 18, and was ordained to the priesthood in 2002 at age 26. He has served as Associate Pastor for St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, as Director of Admissions for the Companions, as Chaplain of the Catholic Chaplaincy at York University, and is currently Director of the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, Texas. Fr. Mark is a wonderful and inspiring preacher. His ability to make profound truths of the faith easily accessible to his listeners lies at the heart of his ministry. Please tune in at 8:30 a.m. Central/9:30 a.m. Eastern on Thursdays, starting February 5, 2015, for The Abundant Life program, and let Fr. Goring show us how we are all called to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
You will also be able to find the archives of the program at:

Lent and Lenten Practices – March 29, 2011

Francesca Franchina talks with Fr. John Fletcher, CC, about The Companions of the Cross (CC)  founded twenty five years ago by Fr.  Bob  Bedard in Canada;  Lent and Lenten  practices;  missions, retreats, prayer, fasting and almsgiving and Fr. Fletcher’s his new Radio Maria Program to air on Fridays at 5:30 PM titled “Catholic Grab Bag with Fr. John” Call in to participate toll free (1-866-333-6279)  Francesca shares her family’s favorite Italian meatless  Lenten dishes this week cooking up  Pasta With Cauliflower or Broccoli and Pizza Fritte.  Send a SASE to Francesca at P O Box 3238, Dayton, OH 45401 for  these recipes and  Easter Ricotta Pie. “THROUGH THE TUMMY TO THE HEART” EVANGELIZATION FOR EVERY DAY;

Italian Soul Food Sprinkled with Evangelization…..SHARING FAITH AND FOODS: Francesca Franchina stirs up good things in her kitchen sharing faith, inviting others to partake in the goodness of the Lord and sharing recipes for living  life’s lessons as given to us in the Word of God and promulgated by Good Pope John Paul II in The New Evangelization.   “Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord ” in Francesca’s kitchen as she shares everyday  down to earth conversation about sharing faith, easy ways to evangelization and her family’s favorite  Italian  recipes from Termini Imerese, Sicilia.