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Fish Fry Fund Raiser

Radio Maria’s Fish Fry this past Friday was a great success! There were enough plates for everyone and plenty volunteers to keep everything moving. Thanks to John Tumminello, the Knights of Columbus Council 3200, and all the other great volunteers for this fun and beneficial event. And especially for those that purchased a plate to help Radio Maria. Thank you!
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July 13, 2013 РWhat’s Wrong with Teenagers’ Diets?

Many teenagers today live on dead-food diets, eating only junk food, processed food, or baked or fried snack food. Few of them eat anything that is real, live, and fresh. Most adolescents get their fruit from fruit juice rather than from whole, enzyme-rich, fresh fruits and their vegetables from fried potatoes! In the years between 1965 and 1996, soft drink consumption in the United States increased by nearly 300%. Sadly, a 2010 study found that 40% of all the calories consumed by children aged two to eighteen years were from empty calories-that is, refined sugars and solid fat with half of those calories coming from soda, fruit drinks, dairy desserts, grain desserts, pizza, and whole milk (rather than reduced-fat milk). But true health can only be obtained through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. When we go against the laws of God, polluting our bodies and our minds, the result is an imbalance, a dis-ease of bodily function, and that leads to a diseased body or mind. This episode will discuss the specific foods teenagers are consuming, while offering healthy alternatives.

Fr. Gregory Bramlage – Feb. 14, 2012

Francesca Franchina, MS Ed. speaks with¬† Fr.¬† Gregory Bramlage ( who will teach¬† and minister ‚ÄúIn The Footsteps of The Lamb,‚ÄĚ ¬†the CREDO Apostolate Healing Conference and Miracle Prayer Day¬† at St. Luke the Evangelist Church, 1440 N. Fairfield Rd. Dayton, OH¬† 45432 on¬† Saturday February 18 from 9-4 PM¬† ¬†about Scripture, the steps to help us experience the Healing Power of the Kingdom of Jesus,¬† the¬†mission and goals of (MNE Missionaries of The ¬†New Evangelization);¬† his experiences in various¬† countries from South America to Africa, India, Mexico, The Philippines, Europe and the USA; his most recent trip to Guatemalan and¬† what¬† happened last weekend at The Word of God Community in Gaithersburg, MD.¬†¬†¬†Francesca’s Recipe Today: Italian Minestrone and Heart Healthy Taco Soup from her family‚Äôs favorite recipes from Termini Imerese, Sicilia.¬†¬†

The Blood of Jesus and The Seven Deadly Sins Part I – June 28, 2011

Francesca Franchina, MS ED¬†discusses The Theology and Devotion to ¬†The Precious Blood of Jesus¬† preparing for the Month¬†¬†Devoted to The Most Precious Blood .¬† Send a SASE to Francesca; P O Box 3238, Dayton, OH 45401 for¬† the St. Michael The Archangel and Precious Blood of Jesus Novena and Prayer and Francesca’s Italian Recipe of the Week: Today’s Recipe:¬† Granita,¬†Italian Lemon Ice and Gelato, Italian Ice Cream.¬† See Through the Tummy to the Heart Archives for past programs listening pleasure. Call in to share your angel stories and how you have been¬† assisted by Devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus .¬†

SHARING FAITH AND FOODS: Francesca Franchina stirs up good things in her kitchen sharing faith, inviting others to partake in the goodness of the Lord and sharing recipes for living ¬†life’s lessons as¬†given to¬†us in the Word of God and promulgated by Good Pope John Paul II in The New Evangelization.¬† ¬†“Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord ” in Francesca’s kitchen as she shares everyday¬† down to earth conversation about sharing faith, easy ways to evangelization¬†and her family’s favorite¬† Italian¬† recipes from Termini Imerese, Sicilia

Cast Your Nets – March 22, 2011


Francesca Franchina, MS Ed. talks with Wayne Topp, Archdiocese of Cincinnati Associate Vocational Director and Parish Youth Minister at Our Lady of Victory Parish in Cincinnati, OH about   Cast Your Nets, Archdiocese of Cincinnati Youth Ministry Conference (Sunday March 27, 2011  encouraging youth to tap into area events to be recharged in the faith and build stronger bonds with the Greater Church outside their individual parishes. CAST YOUR NETS  features dynamic speakers, music, food and fun. Archbishop Schnurr will address the Conference which sends the message to BE BOLD focusing on living with excitement the Catholic Faith and being willing to stand out as young disciples for Jesus. Hear the results of  the past three years.

Francesca  shares her recipe for  fast, delicious,  inexpensive Italian Lenten family meals: Baccala (cod fish) Stew…(Baccala, potatoes, olives, onions and tomatoes and Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan using halves of Fresh Eggplant, Italian Sausage or Bread Crumbs, Mozzarella and  Parmesan Cheese dressed with  Fresh Tomato Sauce.