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Meet Our Core Team – Frank Hare

Frank HareFrank has been with Radio Maria since it’s early days. He was introduced to Radio Maria in late 2000 when there was a need for someone to fill in for a departing employee within a short time. Frank comes from a long background of radio having grown up spending many hours in and around radio stations with his father, a broadcast engineer.

Before beginning his work at Radio Maria, Frank was heavily involved in ministry teams in the diocese of Alexandria volunteering his knowledge of sound equipment and recording, a work he continues to this day.

As the Production Manager, Frank oversees the production department and all of the technical and logistical work that goes into getting the radio signal from the microphones to the radio transmitters. Frank’s work also extends into all things technical in the workings of Radio Maria. Whether is be building and maintaining the website, repairing computers and equipment or changing light bulbs, Frank is always there to help Our Lady’s radio in any way he can.

Radio Maria in Alexandria Welcomes Some Special Visitors

“Despite the dark and rainy weather outside, Mr. Emanuele Ferrario, Father Francisco Palacios came knocking on our studio door with big smiles and warm greetings,” said Father Robert, national priest director in charge of programming. “We were delighted that they were able to come all the way from Italy to visit us.”

Frank Hare, technical director for RM US met with the group to discuss the urgent need for repairing and replacing essential broadcasting equipment in several areas. They also discussed programming.

“Like an early Christmas present, we had a most wonderful visit with Mr. Ferrario and Father Francisco, and then a delicious gumbo lunch prepared by volunteers Paul and Sandra Miletello,” said Father Robert.

“We hated to see them go, but the warmth and encouraging spirit of their visit remains with us here in the Alexandria studio.”

Fr. Francisco, Mr. Ferrario and Fr. Young

Frank Hare, Paul & Sandra Miletello, Mr. Emanuele Ferrario, Fr. Robert Young and James Mora