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Be Your Best Part 6

The focus will be on time management, building dreams and working together with God and the Church. TIME MANAGEMENT is a big part of putting things in order. Picasso, Einstein, Ben Franklin and Michael Angelo only had 24 hour a day to get things done and so do we. Dreaming is a preview of coming attractions and a GOAL is a DREAM with a deadline! We should all work together to achieve the same goals, which is TEAMWORK. We all know what a “TEAM” is so we’ll focus on “WORK”. Willing to listen, Open minded, Respect for the individual and Knowing we’re all in this together. We are Catholics and if we help enough people get what they need spiritually, we can spiritually get what we need…. Heaven.

Spirituals – Program 026

Lynn Bauman goes in a little different direction for this episode of Cantate. He departs from more traditional sacred music and takes a look at some of the classic Spirituals. He shares some of the most recognized spirituals from performers such as Mahalia Jackson, Moses George Hogan, Kathleen Battle and Aretha Franklin.