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WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? – February 8, 2011

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? Not to worry…”Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord”¬†¬†Francesca Franchina, MS Ed.¬† talks ¬†with Fr. John Fletcher, CC, and¬† The Joyful Lambs of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary: ¬†Elvie Richmond, Cora Foust ,Sylvia McBain, Dorothy McPhillips, and Marika Zimmerman ¬†focusing on “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON”¬† and the¬† importance ¬†of¬† Catholic ethnic based family ¬†traditions¬† coupled with¬† the Marian Consecration and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus¬† relative to ¬†the Papal Encyclical¬†¬†Haurietis Aquas. ¬†“You shall draw waters with joy out of the Savior’s fountain.” ¬†(Isaias12:3) written by Pope Pius XII. Francesca ¬†will¬†stir up ¬†Filipino Food this week¬† garnering the¬† recipe for¬† Pancip,¬† the traditional Filipino¬†favorite dish of rice noodles, minced mixed veggies¬† flavored with pork, chicken or shrimp from Elvie and Cora, her good cooking¬†hosts. Filipino food is¬†¬†delicious, and¬†this dish is easy,¬†fast and filling. Try it, you’ll love it!