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Nick Cardilino – November 29, 2011

Francesca Franchina MS Ed. talks with  Nick Cardilino:Liturgical , Conference and UPBEAT Musician, Husband and Dad about composing music, his work with the National Catholic Youth Conference and the University of Dayton Campus Ministry; The theme song he composed for NCYC “Called to Glory;”  Nick’s new Christmas CD; his new Communion song “Hungry and Thirsty;”  recordings; the New Roman Missal implementation and  the theme of HOPE, resonating with him this year! Francesca shares her  YUMMY recipe for fast EZ Stuffed Pizza Sandwiches. Send a SASE  for recipes and share your ideas, recipes and questions:  Francesca Franchina;  P.O. Box 3238; Dayton, OH 45401-3238.