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Message from the Director: “My Spirit Finds Joy in God the Saviour..”

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Dear Friends,

My spirit finds joy in God my Saviour” Lk 1:47

The summer months are an opportunity to take some time for vacation and rest, even though for some, it is not possible. However, in order to rest you do not to go far away, if you cannot afford it. You can enjoy nearby places that offer you the possibility to enjoy God’s creation with the beautiful flowers, trees, grass and birds. Nature is God’s home.

At the same time, we have the gift of one another. It is essential to spend quality time with those near us and friends. They remind us that God is with us. They are a gift to us. God lives in them. Relationships can deepen and be fortified in God’s love.

But all this would not have any value or meaning without God. Take time to pray and read the Bible or a spiritual book. To rest is to rest with God, who gives us joy. This summer take time to be with Him who loves you, and in that love you can enjoy the gift of those around you, the gift of nature to find joy in God.

Fr. John Tino