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March 7, 2015 – Papal Intentions for March

Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for March and on his message for Lent.

It’s Still Cold Outside – Keep Your Heart Warm

Even if springtime is around the corner, it is still cold outside, and Radio Maria is still experiencing its own cold winter. Our “Heartwarming” campaign began two weeks ago, and as of today, we have reached about 25 % of our goal: $100,000.00.

We want to thank all who have contributed so generously to this extraordinary appeal. And to ask anyone who has not had the opportunity, to please help us with an “alms” this Lenten Season. It’s a wonderful way to fulfill your Lenten duty and contribute to the Spiritual Works of Mercy through Radio Maria.

We want to continue to warm the hearts of many– and even more– listeners whose hearts need warming this time of year– YOURS TOO!

Many thanks and God bless you all this Holy Season of Lent!

Fr. Robert Young
Radio Maria US

February 09, 2015 – Fr. Robert Reed and Donna Marie-Cooper O’Boyle

Fr. Robert Reed joins us to offer advice on use of media in the New Evangelization and to discuss his new book Renewed: Ten Ways to Rediscover the Saints, Embrace Your Gifts, and Revive Your Catholic Faith. Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle helps us to prepare for Lent by sharing about her new book “Bringing Lent Home with Saint John Paul II”.

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March 05, 2014 – Prayer, Fasting and Alms Giving; Sacrifice as Source of Renewal & Strength

Strength when we most need it can sometimes be elusive. We have seen how great athletes overcome great adversity by holding in their hearts a reward that goes beyond any accolade or gold medal. Common to them and to us this Lent is an opportunity to offer our efforts for a greater good, to sacrifice something we prefer for someone else. Through prayer, fasting and alms giving, we have an opportunity to draw closer to God. The result is the renewal of our strength and vitality. The champion David, in his fight against Goliath, shows us the way to do this.

March 15, 2013 – Lent & Pope Francis I

With only two weeks left in Lent, Joe hit it hard exhorting the faithful to stay in the game and keep up the good fight. Frequent prayer, Confession, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are indispensible! Now is the time to grow in our Spiritual life and bring honor to God! He also gave a short biography of Pope Francis I and commented on his first homily….Embrace the Cross, it is the only way to follow Christ!

February 22, 2013 – Lent 2013 ‚Äď Week #2

Joe kicked off today’s show challenging everyone to keep the faith and make this Lent count, bringing honor and glory to God! He went on to explain the Church’s teaching & definition on Fasting & Abstinence. He rounded out the show reflecting upon the gift we have of in the grace of Sacramental Confession, that it not only provides absolution for our sins, but also strengthens our souls beforehand against relapses, offers fortitude to resist future temptations, and helps carry out good resolutions.

February 15, 2013 – Lent 2013 ‚Äď Week #1

Joe kicked off the first Friday in Lent with a blend of Scripture and writings from Divine Intimacy. He focused on Christ‚Äôs 40 Days in the desert and how it provides the foundation of our Lenten season. He also discussed our use of ‚Äútime‚ÄĚ and the eternal value inherent therein.


Pope Benedict XVI calls the laity to have occasions of healing which are centered on the Word of God to heal our lives: ‚ÄúScripture contains countless pages that speak of the healing which God brings.‚Ä̬† Verbum Domini (Word of The Lord) December, 2010.
HASTEN¬† TO MY HEART….LIVING IN LOVE AND HEALING IN THE HEART OF JESUS¬† with ¬†Francesca Franchina, MS Ed. Francesca¬†¬† talks¬† about Sr.¬† Josefa¬† Menendez;¬†Consoling the¬†Heart of¬† Jesus (The Way¬†of¬† Divine Love); St. Margaret Mary: The Sacred¬† Heart¬†¬† and¬†Our Lady of the Sacred¬† Heart and¬†Praying for The¬† Poor Souls in¬† Purgatory. Lenten¬† practices, sacrifice, prayer, fasting, almsgiving: What¬† are you doing to¬†remember and¬† share in the¬† Passion of Jesus?¬†¬†¬†Francesca shares her recipes for heart healthy¬†Lenten dishes.¬†Meatless Veggie Dish:Lendicce (Lentils Sicilian Style, over pasta¬†or rice¬† or ¬†with Spinach as¬† a vegetable¬†dish or hot soup.)¬†¬†

March 1, 2012 Paula Huston

Ken talks with author Paula Huston, author of Simplifying the Soul ‚Äď Lenten Practices to Renew Your Spirit (Ave Maria Pres) In her book, Paula Huston has created a mini Lenten retreat with daily activities that include: readings from the Desert Fathers and scripture, meditation, and a daily activity. ¬†Paula draws about her experience as a Benedictine oblate. Her book would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a daily Lenten practice. Visit Paula‚Äôs website Her book can be purchased at:

February 17, 2012 – Ash Wednesday and the Season of Lent

In this episode of Living  With Mary Today,  Father John Fletcher discusses Ash Wednesday and the Season of Lent.

Music for Ash Wednesday and Lent – Program 019

In this program, Lynn presents music for Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. He begins the program with “Lord, Who Throughout these Forty Days” and then presents various pieces from Bach to David Haas.

You can view the full transcript by clicking here.

February 19, 2010 – Mary and Lent Part 2

This is the second of two programs in which Mary’s role in Lent is¬†discussed by Fr. Thomas Thompson, S.M.