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HEALING IN THE NAME OF JESUS (Part II) – April 24, 2012

Francesca¬†Franchina speaks with Dr. ¬†Doug¬† Schoeninger, Ph.D.;¬† Psychotherapist,¬† Past¬† President¬† of the International Association of Christian Therapists (ACT)¬† about the importance of taking responsibility for ones healing: moving from blaming others to owning ones experience as ones own and caring for¬† self. Francesca and Dr. Doug discuss¬†¬†healing attitudes and beliefs: God loves me; I am marvelously made (Psalm 139); The Holy Spirit lives in me (Romans 8:26-28); Meditation¬† on your own healing (Phillipians 4: 6-9); The importance of safety and an Attitude of ¬†Gratitude.¬† Part I (March 27, 2012 ) dealt with healing and ¬†how you ¬†can become your own friend and¬† relate to yourself¬† in a way that promotes healing for self and receiving God’s healing love.

T5H¬† Recipe from Francesca’s¬†Italian ¬†Kitchen:Frittelle de Mella (Italian Orange or¬†Apple¬†Fritters)

December 19, 2011 – Elizabeth of the Trinity IV

“This conversation will address Elizabeth of the Trinity’s Last Retreat, offered not long before her death.¬† The conversation focuses on Elizabeth’s sublime theology of how we must learn to rise above everything in our life that is not God, and how all that happens to us can truly be used to help us to enter into the center of our soul.¬† Finally, we address the last stages of Elizabeth’s earthly journey and her passage to eternity.” cinnamon

August 29, 2011 – St. John of the Cross ‚Äď Active night of the Spirit

¬†This program provides an introduction St John of the Cross’ teaching on the four nights that he uses to describe the spiritual journey.¬† This program introduces the Active Night of Spirit.¬† Here the soul must take responsibility to begin to detach itself from even the spiritual consolations we experience along the journey.¬† We must look beyond the simple consolations of prayer, so that we can reach the higher states of prayer.