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April 02, 2012 – Dr. Paul Vitz

In this program, Kathie talks to Dr. Paul Vitz, Associat Professor and Senior Scholar at the Institue for the Psychological Sciences, a public speaker and writer. He focuses on the psychology of hatred and forgiveness and the importance of fathers and the role of faith.

Doug Schoeninger – Feb. 28, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI calls the laity to have occasions of healing which are centered on the Word of God to heal our lives: “Scripture contains countless pages that speak of the healing which God brings.” Verbum Domini (Word of The Lord) December, 2010. Reconciliation, Forgiveness; Healing of the Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit Francesca Franchina, MS Ed. talks with Doug Schoeninger, Ph. D. Past President of the International Association of Christian Therapists practicing in the Delaware Region (Philadelphia, PA) focusing on Lent, Woundedness, Forgiveness, & Reconciliation: How to use anger well in the process of forgiving; Letting go and healing in the process of healing; The relationship of forgiveness and trust; and Forgiveness in generational healing: Forgiving those who wounded those who wounded us. Francesca shares her recipes for heart healthy Lenten dishes. Meatless Veggie Dish: Pesedi Con Ova (Peas with Eggs in Marinara Sauce) and Francesca’s Favorite Muffaletta; (Homemade Little Italian Breads Dressed with Olive Oil, Italian Cheese and Fresh Black Pepper). MUSIC: Refiner’s Fire; Bread of Life…

August 11, 2011 – Spirituality You Can Live With – Stronger Faith in 30 Days

Ken talks with singer, songwriter and author Chris Padgettabout his book Spirituality You Can Live With – Stronger Faith in 30 Days published by Servant Books. Wondering if you can still be spiritual as you deal with life’s daily grind? Are you nearer to God now than you were a few years ago? Lost hope amid the chaos of your daily routine?  Chris offers you practical help in discovering new and better ways to build your spiritual life. Visit to checkout Chris’s music.  His book can be purchased at

Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Communications – December 14, 2010

Francesca Franchina focuses on Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Communications As a Means of Healing. Waiting for Jesus becomes a hassle when you have static in relationships and family gatherings…What can you do to help smooth relationships, assuage your own anger, and help others to get along with each other…What does Scripture say about forgiveness? Francesca shares her favorite  recipe for  Eggplant Rollatini, all good stuff rolled up together…makes for congenial togetherness!

April 30, 2010 – Mary and Spirituality Part 2

This is the second program of a two part series in which Sr. Danielle Peters discusses Mary and her spirituality.

April 29, 2010 – Mary and Spirituality Part 1

This is the first of two programs in which Sr. Danielle Peters speaks about Mary and her Spirituality.

September 18, 2009 – Mary and Spirituality Part 2

This program is the second of two programs in which Br. Eric Otiende focuses on Spirituality of Mary.

September 17, 2009 – Mary and Spirituality Part 1

This program is the first of two programs in which Br. Eric Otiende concentrates on Mary and her spirituality.