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Encountering Jesus and Healing – November 09, 2010

Francesca FranchinaĀ  speaks with Zaid E. Jazrowi of Chicago,Ā  joyful and joy filledĀ  young Marian Pilgrimage Leader and organizer about encountering Jesus and healingĀ  through the intercessionĀ of the Blessed Mother and how his life has made a complete turn around in the last three yearsĀ  as he initiated to bring the message of Catholicism, Jesus and the Blessed MotherĀ  to the world. T5H Featured Recipes :Ā  Today Francesca shares her tasty, easy to makeĀ Italian Wedding Soup and Minestrone Ā from her favorite family recipes hailing from Termini-Imerese, Sicilia.

Marian Prayer – November 02, 2010

In this program, Francesca Franchina speaks about Mary and the power of praying for the intercession of the Blessed Mother.