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August 7, 2013 – Tangible Connections with Our Spiritual Mother and Father

We know how babies are born. We know too that we came from a mother and father. However, have we ever wondered how our spiritual lives came to be? Where do our spiritual lives come from and how do they grow? Yet, if we were so inclined to look, would we know where to find for our spiritual mother and father, or even whom to look for? In Sacred Scripture we see important imagery that gives us clues. We consider how Moses acted as a father for Israel, delivering material good for them to survive in the worst of circumstances. We look too at the parallels between Moses and Jesus and the establishment of the priesthood. Finally, this program considers the Scriptures that assure us of having a Spiritual Mother. These assure us of all the good that a Spiritual Mother brings to our spiritual growth and development.

Keys to Spiritual Growth with Fr. Scott McCaig

Keys to Spiritual Growth is a weekly program that examines the keys to developing a vibrant and rich personal spiritual life. Through this program you will discover how to properly relate to God, how to pray effectively and how to answer the Lord’s call to perfection while overcoming obstacles and enemies to spiritual growth. It will provide solid theological foundations and useful practices to unlock a deeper union with the Lord in your life.