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Mary Advent and Christmas HolyDays – November 30, 2010

Francesca FranchinaĀ  speaks with Fr. Clifton E. Bishop of Bethlehem, PA ,Ā  popular retreat director, chaplainĀ  and health educator, about Advent 2010 and planningĀ  a ā€œMary Advent and Christmas HolyDays .Ā  The holidays promise healing, hope and renewal, but some encounter depression, desolateness and separation . How do we find solace, comfort and Joy in the midst of hustle and bustle, encountering The Mother of Joy andĀ  her SonĀ  Jesus activatingĀ  and living TheĀ  Word inĀ  everyday life?Ā  Fr. Clifton, a priest in the Diocese of Allentown, PA, grew upĀ  a Baptist and converted to Catholicism through a correspondence course on Catholicism while in high school. He became a Franciscan Friar and later became a diocesan parish priest. He is an adjunct professor and serves as Chaplain of The Holy Family Senior Living and Assisted Living Center in the Archdiocese of Allentown, PA.

T5H Featured Recipes For Today: Ā Francesca shares her tasty, easy to make Sicilian Spicy Olives; Baked Mostaciolli with Ricotta andĀ  Meatballs;Ā  Zingy Garlic Bread with Olive Oil/ Parmesan Cheese; andĀ  Italian Green Bean/Artichoke Salad with Pepperoni PiecesĀ  and Mozzarella CubesĀ  from her favorite family recipes hailing from Termini-Imerese, Sicilia.