The Master’s Money with Jon and Evelyn Bean

Jon and Evelyn Bean were introduced to a non-denominational Bible Study teaching biblical financial principles over 25 years ago. Jon had tried to start a business, which was a complete failure! After 5 years they lost over $250,000. All of their IRAs and short-term savings were spent to make up for lost income. When the money ran out they turned to credit cards – and ran up about $35,000 in credit card debt, in addition to having two car loans and a home mortgage. They did everything wrong and made all the financial mistakes that could be made!

Learning and applying the biblical financial principles had a powerful impact on both their financial and spiritual lives, and we felt called to take this message to Catholic Parishes. They feel blessed to serve in a ministry, which has such far-reaching value to so many people. They are passionate about their faith and their responsibility for spreading the word of God.

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